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How Can I Get More Youtube Views To My Channel?

gslogoIt’s apparently your lucky day today as you’ve just stumbled across what you are in search of. You’re looking for a way to get more youtube views to your channel. Am I right? Let’s assume that I am and get on with it shall we? There is a website called Growsocials that pretty much does what its name states. It Grows Your Socials. Social Networks that is. It’s a huge community of users who hold Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. These users add content to their pages such as Fan pages or Youtube videos. This content is added to the promotion directories where it gets promotion in the form of Likes and Views.

Along with Youtube views, Growsocials offers free promotion for:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Google +1
  • Google Circle
  • Youtube Subscribers
  • Website Traffic

How Does Growsocials Get More Youtube Views To My Channel?

How does Growsocials get more youtube views to you though? Well, It’s simple. The videos that users add (which have to be in the hundreds of thousands from what i’ve seen) are played on a player. A video will start and you must watch it for a predetermined amount of seconds. Once the count down is over, you earn credits for the view which you can now spend to get you promotion. Those credits earned for that view could get you more Youtube views to your video for example.

Getting More Credits Will Get More Youtube Views For You

Growsocials works off of a credits system (like points) where you must earn credits by giving other members promotion. Hopefully you realize that this becomes a sort of cycle where members end up promoting each other. By you giving promotion, you are earning credit for promotion to yourself. Now another Growsocials member will try to earn your credits and watch your videos or subscribe to your Youtube channel.

Why Should I Get More Youtube Views?

I just want to make sure that you know it’s important that your videos get consistent views even if it isn’t a whole bunch. Youtube helps users out who are getting a small steady traffic flow by sending them a little more. The more you up your traffic, the more Youtube will send you extra traffic to your channel. So it’s a smart idea to get more Youtube views to your channel to increase your overall ranking and traffic flow.

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